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    Studio Aiko is a high-end animation & Visual effects studio
  • We offers a comprehensive CG service

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  • We specialize in CG art
    With a core focus on television, advertisement,
    architecture visualization, product visualization and computer games
  • Our high quality work
    And our passion let us create top content possible for our clients
  • Our pipeline includes
    Concept art, 3D modeling, texturing & shading work, lighting, animation, rendering, visual effects and compositing
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    by the list of brands we proudly worked for
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our specialties

We specialize in several styles and designs, ranging from photo-realistic visuals to a conceptual look, giving to our clients world-class computer graphics animation that align perfectly with their target, message and goals.

Hyper-Realistic Renderings

Commercial Animations

Product Visualization

a little bit about us

Studio Aiko was founded in 2005 by Meny Hilsenrad and Yair Alony. The Studio specializes in a wide variety of CG (Computer Graphics) content and provides high-end product in various fields such as TV content, advertisement, architectural visualization, product simulation and more. Please browse around our site and take a look at our portfolio.

  • 3D Max 100%

  • V-Ray 90%

  • After Effects 80%

  • Photoshop 75%

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