Project Breakdown

The idea of this project started 2 years ago, sort of a continuation to the classroom project which we did back in 2010 (link). The classroom scene is supposedly located in this house. In the future we plan to expand this 2:30 minutes animation to something longer , combine it with the classroom scene and to develop the story further more.
The inspiration for the project came mainly from sci-fi and horror films and from locations of abandoned places, wastelands etc., which makes it a good environment for the occurrence of our storyline.

Some 3D scene statistics:
Amount of objects - 14,140
Amount of shaders - 945
Amount of textures - 567
Polygon count - 19,613,015 + 2,097,788,706 in Multiscatter
Average render time for still frame in 1600x1200 pixel resolution (on I7 computer) - 3 Hours